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I truly enjoy helping people through psychotherapy and evaluations. I have worked with youth, adults, and couples for decades. Clients often come to me after many past attempts at treatment. We have found that once they have a proper differential diagnosis, and their treatment is targeted to their underlying issues, they often have a good response. They tend to feel better, act better, and others respond to them differently. Many clients have had a good response soon after starting treatment in this manner. They tend to make regular improvements that are pleasing to them and people important to them. Career, social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life tend to integrate and improve.

My treatment approach is practical, interactive, and solution-focused. My main framework is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). As needed, in addition to the traditional CBT approaches, I integrate methods from hypnosis, imagery, dream, and energy work. These advanced, specialized approaches have proven very effective in resolving longstanding challenges in clients who had tried various kinds of counseling and other treatments without good response.  Integrative, eclectic, strengths oriented. I draw from a selection of styles and techniques and incorporate what is most helpful for each individual. I work with the client to discover and build on their strengths. We then use these strengths to surmount their challenges and achieve their life goals.  I use positive, strengths based approaches to creating solutions that work.Our focous is maintained nearly entirely on strengths. We focus on what works. Invariably, the client clarifies their needs to balance out their life in sectors that have created longstanding challenges. They tend to improve in career, social, emotional, and spiritual understanding and expression.  Based on extensive training and experience, I have found that improving and integrating these sectors can create amazing improvements in the overall health of their mind, behavior, and emotions. 

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Forensic psychological evaluations. I also perform psychological evaluations for clients who need them.  My evaluations have been useful for many clients in working with school systems and the courts. Forensic treatment & evaluation is where psychology meets the law and administrative rules. Forensic psychological work is geared toward satisfying requirements of the law, or administrative agencies.  Specialized types of evaluations for both adolescents and adults:  Risk assessments for recidivism and various forms of violence. Diminished Capacity (responsibility, culpability), Competence to stand trial, Competence to waive Miranda rights, and Competence to confess; also Juvenile Transfer (or Decline) evaluations.

Expert witness.  I am experienced at court testimony and have worked effectively with both the prosecution and the defense. Testified in various jurisdictions more than 25 times for over 90 hours.

Please note:  I no longer involve myself in family law in any manner.  I no longer provide services, consultation or testimony in anything related to family law.  These include but are not limited to evaluations and treatment, e.g. no parenting evaluations, no child custody evaluations, no therapy for clients involved in any way with family law litigation.

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