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Confidentiality & Limitations


The law protects the relationship between a client and a psychotherapist,
and information cannot be disclosed without the client's written permission.

Exceptions include:

If a client is suspected of abusing a child or dependant adult or elder,
I am required by law to report to the appropriate authorities immediately.

If a client is threatening serious bodily harm to others
I must notify the police & inform the intended victim.

If a client intends to harm himself or herself,
I will make every effort to help them stay safe. If this is not possible, 
I will take further measures provided by law to keep them safe.

If a jugde orders information for court proceedings, I am obligated to comply.

 Limitations of practice & Caveats

Looking for 'the right fit' between client & therapist

The experiences with my clients that I am discussing here represent my best efforts to express the ways people have benefitted from therapy.  However, not everyone who starts therapy continues, and not everyone who continues therapy has a good response.  In my experience, those who continue tend to have a good response. They say so and people important to them report this as well. But there is no way to know for sure what experience any new client will have.  For this reason, after 2 to 4 sessions, we usually discuss whether the treatment is a fit for the client and usually it is.  When there does not seem to be a good fit,  I offer the client a set of possible other professionals they can seek treatment with and I help them make the tranistion to another provider of their choice.

Limitations in specialties: 

I do not prescribe medications. Psychiatrists, other physicians, and ARNPs prescribe medications. I can help clients and their providers understand their psychiatric symptoms.

I can provide input on medications treatment plans. I can also suggest seeing a medications provider when clients have symptoms that those providers usually treat with medications.
Chemical dependency diagnosis & aftercare treatment only

I have many years of experience diagnosing and screeining for addictions.
I do not do primary addictions recovery treatment and 
I am not a certified chemical dependency professional.

I specialize in Dual Diagnosis or Co-occuring Chemical Dependency + mental health issues.

More specifically, I specialize in the assessment and treatment of combinations of chemical dependencies and PTSD: posttraumatic stress disorder.

Diagnosis: My specialty is diagnosing and referring clients to treatment.
Aftercare:  I help them prevent relapse.  I use a harm reduction approach shown to lead to quicker and longer lasting abstinence when necessary. Relapse prevention includes advanced knowledge of risk assessment and management, especially in managing the dynamic risk factors that are so important in long term relapse prevention.

Another way to improve relapse prevention that is rarely discussed is finding support group meetings the client will attend regularly and often. The best way to get the needed support and to encourage good attendance is to emphasize the 'right fit' of client to group.

Domestic violence (DV) assessment 

I specialized in DV assessment & treatment 2000-2005. I was among the first treatment providers certified by the NW Association of DV Treatment Providers. I worked for 5 years with the president of that association in his Certified DV agency, Peaceful Solutions & Associates PS Inc. I did assessment & treatment with 250 DV perpetrators, often helping their wives & children too.

I am no longer associated with a certified treatment agency and do not do DV treatment.  But I do provide Domestic Violence Risk Assessments or Mental Health Evaluations.
I have been advised by lawyers and judges that assessments by DV specialists are acceptable in court whether or not the evaluator is currently associated with a certified DV agency. This parallels the practice in Sex Offender assessment and treatment.

Sex offender assessment:
I am not a Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider.

I have personally completed, or supervised the completion of, dozens of sex offender evaluations, both adults and teens.  I did these at the Department of Corrections Sex Offender Treatment Program, as Acting Director of Assessment & Research, and at McNeil Island Corrections Center and at Juvenile Rehab in the 'juvi state prisons' called Green Hill Training School in Chehalis and Maple Lane School in Rochester, WA. 

In private practice, I do psychological evaluations that include sex offender risk assessments for those with sexual adjustment problems in the mild to moderate risk range. For higher risk offenders I refer to Certified SOTPs when needed. 

For more details, please see the section "About Me."


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