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Services Provided

Treatment and evaluations for adults, teens, and kids.

In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere,
learn to get more of what you want in life. 

I have helped many people:

Developing rapport with teens & youth with severe, complex problems. 
With PTSD: posttraumatic stress disorder from combat or childhood abuse.

Differential diagnosis & treatment targeting underlying issues.

Diagnosis & treatment of many challenges including . . .

*  Complex posttraumatic stress disorder - early onset, chronic, severe.
*  Asperger's and Autism Spectrum 
*  ADD or ADHD, oppositional-defiant disorder, or conduct disorders.

Working with client's providers in school, psychiatry, law enforcement.

Transforming depression and anxiety into health and success.
Understanding, facing, and resolving panic attacks and phobias.

Improving relationships by resolving relationship challenges.

Adjusting to and improving responses to medical and health concerns.

Thriving through the proper processing of grief and loss.

Managing stress and making healthy lifestyle choices.

Treating & preventing youth problems, improving family life.

Resolving conflicts within the self, the family, and the world of work.

Forensic psychological evaluations. I also perform psychological evaluations for clients who need them.  My evaluations have been useful for many clients in working with school systems and the courts. Forensic treatment & evaluation is where psychology meets the law and administrative rules. Forensic psychological work is geared toward satisfying requirements of the law, or administrative agencies.  Specialized types of evaluations for both adolescents and adults:  Risk assessments for recidivism and various forms of violence. Diminished Capacity (responsibility, culpability), Competence to stand trial, Competence to waive Miranda rights, and Competence to confess; also Juvenile Transfer (or Decline) evaluations. 

Expert witness.  I am experienced at court testimony and have worked effectively with both the prosecution and the defense. Testified in various jurisdictions more than 25 times for over 90 hours.

Please note:  I no longer involve myself in family law in any manner.  I no longer provide services, consultation or testimony in anything related to family law.  These include but are not limited to evaluations and treatment, e.g. no parenting evaluations, no child custody evaluations, no therapy for clients involved in any way with family law litigation. 

My evaluations have been used in courts and school systems.
They are often used to improve treatment or improve access to
the specialized treatment the person needs. I routinely testify in
courts and at hearings about treatment recommendations. 

Evaluations for the courts include: 

Juvenile and adult diminished capacity (culpability, responsibility),

Juvenile and adult Competence to waive Miranda rights,

Juvenile and adult Competence  to stand trial (proceed), and

Juvenile transfer (decline) to adullt court.

I  like to help couples and families to work with challenges they
have individually and together. I help prevent teens and adults from
getting into trouble, or getting into worse trouble. I also help prevent
persons suffering from posttraumatic stress from getting worse or relapsing. 

I help clients recover effectively from whatever combination of challenges
they face by identifying strengths. The key is to "Keep your eyes on the prize."

We remain grounded in reality and provide for safety and ecology at each step. 

Take your next step toward who you really want to be . . .


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